15 Oct 2018

Chicago 1968

Chicago 1968 represents, perhaps as no other moment in American history, the flashpoint of cultural resistance to a militarized world out of control. In the summer of 1968, still reeling from the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy only months earlier, thousands of young people descended on the Democratic National Convention to show their opposition to the Vietnam War and their desire for a Peace platform.

This book gathers Terry Southern’s stories, Michael Copper’s convention portfolio, magazine insider memos, and prose from several other literary legends into a brisk retrospective of a surreal week.

This beautiful, custom, hard covered, black and white book features 131 pages of history told through stories and images. The unique design was created with two hits of black with a warm grey 6 and flood aqueous coating. The book was also showcased at the Chicago and New York book fairs.

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31 May 2018

The New 2018 Alumacraft Product Catalog

Over the past 70 years, Alumacraft has proved itself to be a huge presence in the fishing world. A boat – or canoes – that needs virtually no hull maintenance. A line of boats that annually lead the market in innovation. A presence felt around the world. A boat that stays in the family for generations. A memory making machine. That’s an Alumacraft boat.

The new 2018 Alumacraft Product Catalog is a flip book that features a UV strikethrough on the front and back cover. The catalog has full color images that are printed on a glossy paper. The newest feature to this piece is the inclusion of the 2018 Deep V-Models with a flip display of the 2018 Mod V and Jon Boats.

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08 May 2018

Sono’s Magazine

Sonos Catalog puts the latest Sonos Home Sound Systems on display and creatively shows the environments that Sonos is found in. From build-from-scratch houses in Joshua Tree, to 1920’s Spanish-style homes in Los Angeles, Sonos is a useful sound system that fits many needs.

This unique soft-covered, saddled stitched catalog doesn’t just advertise a musical piece that projects sound, the publication shows much more. It shows the beauty of music, how it brings humans together and how it unites and creates experiences. The uncoated sheets and various colored text pages help bring this print piece to life.

The catalog incorporates personal interviews with creative individuals who truly appreciate art, space and sound. Alison and Jay are creators of Wonder Valley, a creative studio and homewares brand that started with signature olive oil. Giles, son of legendary Beatles producer, is a Sound Experience Leader at Sonos, he brings together the science and emotion of sound to ensure the best listening experience possible. Musician, Andrew and designer, Katherine are transplants from New York who are falling in love with their new lifestyle in Los Angeles. Lastly, Music Director, Jason, is featured in his quaint craftsman home in Seattle. Each interview brings inspiration to create personal environments.

Sonos Catalog is created and designed by Imprint Projects, a post-advertising creative agency.  Their mission is to replace advertising with cultural production and dialogue.

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