08 May 2018

Sono’s Magazine

Sonos Catalog puts the latest Sonos Home Sound Systems on display and creatively shows the environments that Sonos is found in. From build-from-scratch houses in Joshua Tree, to 1920’s Spanish-style homes in Los Angeles, Sonos is a useful sound system that fits many needs.

This unique soft-covered, saddled stitched catalog doesn’t just advertise a musical piece that projects sound, the publication shows much more. It shows the beauty of music, how it brings humans together and how it unites and creates experiences. The uncoated sheets and various colored text pages help bring this print piece to life.

The catalog incorporates personal interviews with creative individuals who truly appreciate art, space and sound. Alison and Jay are creators of Wonder Valley, a creative studio and homewares brand that started with signature olive oil. Giles, son of legendary Beatles producer, is a Sound Experience Leader at Sonos, he brings together the science and emotion of sound to ensure the best listening experience possible. Musician, Andrew and designer, Katherine are transplants from New York who are falling in love with their new lifestyle in Los Angeles. Lastly, Music Director, Jason, is featured in his quaint craftsman home in Seattle. Each interview brings inspiration to create personal environments.

Sonos Catalog is created and designed by Imprint Projects, a post-advertising creative agency.  Their mission is to replace advertising with cultural production and dialogue.

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27 Apr 2018

Revere Auctions Look Book

Revere Auctions is a premier auction house located at International Market Square in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Being one of Minnesota’s premier fine art and antiques auction houses, it attracts a broad base of collectors, designers, museum professionals, dealers and many more. This stunning Look Book features the paintings and sculptures of old masters, 19th century oils and 20th century sculptures that were available at the March 2018 auction.

The Look Book showcases pages of vibrate colors representing the fine art and sculptures the auction offered. The most unique aspect of the book is the simple, white uncoated cover that is wrapped around white coated pages.

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24 Apr 2018

Oma Portfolio

OMA is an international practice operating within the traditional boundaries of architecture and urbanism. This book presents architectural design layouts to be used with structures, interior design, landscapes, lighting, sustainability and graphics projects. Used as a portfolio for OMA clients, this book was constructed on 100% recyclable uncoated paper including the front & the fold-out back cover. Unique features include 12 signatures, an untrimmed face and wire-looped bound, which makes each signature its own book within a book. AMO, the company that works parallel with OMA’s clients, specializes in politics, branding, real estate, publications, media, research, academia and fashion. This book is a true portfolio of all that OMA is capable of designing, making it a useful resource for clients.

OMA New York is currently engaged in a range of new projects such as The New Museum expansion in New York City, Audrey Irmas Pavilion in Los Angeles, the extension to the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo and an exhibition design for a Dior retrospective at Denver Art Museum.

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