04 Jan 2018

Rosson Crow: The Happiest People on Earth

Rosson Crow’s new paintings depict the search for off-the-grid freedom in the American West. Building from her explorations of the psychology of nationalism and conspiracy in American history, Crow has moved away from the surreal interiors she’s known for to a new terrain and a new timeframe: desert landscapes set in a future overwhelmed by the refuse of the paranoid present. Littered among giant, brightly hued cacti, objects from the worlds of fringe cults and right wing conspiracy grapple for our attention. Without depicting any people associated with these groups, they are felt as a presence through what they’ve left behind.

As part of an exhibition in Los Angeles winter 2018, this dynamic soft-cover book has 22 uncoated pages along with a fold-out poster featuring Crow’s finest work.

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28 Dec 2017

Bank of America Art Conservation Project

Since 2010 Bank of America has been graciously providing grants to more than a hundred museums for the conservation of more than 120 projects in thirty countries on six continents. The National Museum of African American History & Culture was one of the recipients of the Bank of America Grants. This museum is the 19th museum of the Smithsonian Institution and the only museum that is dedicated to documenting African American history and culture. Another recipient, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid was awarded a grant to restore Pablo Ruiz Picasso’s Woman in Blue. This specific restoration removed a layer of varnish that allowed Picasso’s first brush strokes to be more visible. These museums work to conserve historically and culturally significant works of art. Restoration can include multiple processes, including consolidation, removing varnish, cleaning the piece to remove dust and particles, relining, re-stretching, mounting and of course handling the work of art in an exceptionally careful manner. Types of art that were restored under the Bank of America grants include but are not limited to: paintings, murals, sculptures, portraits, marble figures, canvas works, textiles and photographs. The works of art included in this book tell significant and important stories, ones that should not and cannot be left untold.

This stunning second edition, custom book is perfectly bound and has hundreds of pages printed on matte paper which include beautiful and vibrant photography that captures the art conservation process at its best. This fine art, hard covered book has a foil stamp on the front and back. The book includes several gatefolds which help to showcase the vast works of art.

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30 Nov 2017

The New Landscape Declaration: A Call to Action for the Twenty-First Century

On the eve of its 50th anniversary, the Landscape Architecture Foundation asked a diverse group of the world’s leading landscape architects to reflect on the last half-century and present bold ideas for the discipline to achieve in the future. Well beyond the public conception of the professions a “gardener” or “landscaper,” these preeminent designers discussed their role in addressing weighty issues like climate change, urbanization, management of vital resources like water and global inequities.

This beautiful hard covered book captures excerpts from panel discussions with the addition of vibrant and detailed imagery throughout. The book is adhesive bound with cased hard cover, 200 pages printed on gloss paper.

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